Buyers and Sellers

Buyers & Sellers Benefits


●Easy connections with new or existing suppliers and buyers in a safe environment. 

All types of rice available:  non-organic, organic, instant, sustainable and Fair Trade 

● Price discovery via public, private or tender function.

● All users on the platform are clearly identified.

● All details of a trade can be negotiated via a dedicated tool with integrated messaging function. All actions, offers, counters and messages are stored in the immutable audit log for future reference.  

● Upon agreement of a trade, the GAFTA contract is created  by the system.

● Easy placing of requests to buy or sell using saved templates.
● Exchange images and agree on bag markings 
● Pre-populated documentary instructions for fast and easy transmission.
● Unique checking and approving of draft documents  on the platform.
● Ability to nominate vessels, substitute vessels and approve vessel nominations. 

● The contract is signed digitally by both parties and the pro-forma invoice is automatically generated by the system.

●  Your business and negotiation is private. Nobody can see what, when, at which price and from who you bought or to whom you sold.

● The contract is immutable and the contents cannot be changed without agreement of both parties. 

● Individual permissions for multiple users of the same company. Each user has permissions set by the platform administrator at his/her company.

● Smart contracts detect and anticipate certain actions enabling invoices to be pre-populated and automated notifications sent to inspection companies saving time and eliminating human error

● The platform uses distributed ledger technology (DLT)  This enables the secure functioning of a decentralized digital database by saving   information in highly encrypted small blocks across numerous servers. 

●  The platform was developed and is maintained by Fujitsu

● Secure settlement with verifiable  information. Invoice fraud and manipulation of documents is reduced. 

● Obtain real time quotes from shippers, insurers and inspectors and book services online.  


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