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A New Way of Buying Rice

Buyers of rice face many problems. They don’t know if they are getting the best price, they worry that they can’t trust new suppliers and they face numerous financial ...

Rice Exchange: A rice shipping loading & discharging primer

Logistics for the global rice trade are complicated. Rice is transported in containers and in bulk and break-bulk vessels. To make it even more confusing...

Rice Exchange launches tender feature

Rice Exchange has introduced new functionality that allows buyers of large volumes of rice — typically more than 20,000 tonnes — to purchase via tender...

The Rice Exchange Moisture Prevention Programme

Moisture is the big enemy of the international rice trade. Even when shippers take the utmost care during the processing of the product, rice cargos often...

The role of inspection companies in the global rice trade

Buyers of rice in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East rarely see the rice they purchase in Asia or the Americas before it arrives at its destination...

Transacting sustainable rice on the Rice Exchange platform

The Rice Exchange digital platform increases trust, reduces risk and delivers cost savings to the rice industry. Sustainability is at the heart of our ethos...



Rice Exchange first trades announcement

November 30th 2020

Rice Exchange Cotecna announcement Final

October 12th 2020

SIACI SAINT HONORE signs a marine insurance partnership agreement with Rice Exchange

May 12th 2020

Fujitsu and Rice Exchange Bring to Market First Global Blockchain Rice Trading Platform

November 05th 2019

Ducat Maritime, Ricex Partner to Offer Parcel Shipping, Benefiting Smaller Rice Traders

July 09th 2019

Future Food Institute Partnership

February 12th 2019


Annonce des premières transactions de la Bourse du riz

November 30th 2020

Annonce finale de la Bourse du riz Cotecna

February 12th 2019